What To Know Before Buying 4G Mobiles

What to know before buying 4G mobiles
What To Know Before Buying 4G Mobiles
What To Know Before Buying 4G Mobiles

Difference Between 3G And 4G Mobiles?

The main difference between 3G and 4G is the speed. 4G mobiles mean you can do everything which a 3G mobile can do, but it is much faster and smoother than ever before. It can load Web pages faster and smoother with no interruption, one can stream video and music without buffering and download content within seconds.

What Does 4G Mobiles Mean?   

The term 4G means ”fourth generation” mobile network technology. It enables phones compatible with 4G to connect internet at a faster speed.

In the UK, 4G was launched in the year 2012. Right now, all phones are compatible with 4G, and the number of smartphone users is much higher than 3G. There will be an increase in the number of mobile users in the coming years, which lead to falling in the prices of 4G and will extend the 4G network worldwide.

With the invention of the 3G network in 2003, the service providers initially offer new and exciting services to customers. These include free voice and video calling as well as wide area wireless calling.

3G also has similar features to 4G, and allow users to send and receive emails, enable them to navigate. You can download music and videos very quickly on your handsets. 4G offers the same features and performance, but it acts smartly and fast.

The exciting feature of 4G is its capability to host new entertainment focussed mobile internet services.

The entertainment service providers take benefit out of this by creating more content, movies, and TV services.

4G technology fetches and streams content at high speeds. You can stream full-length movies in high definition, can download entire movie data in a matter of seconds or minutes.

The 4G revolution brings faster mobile internet connectivity and smooth browsing experience. 4G mobiles reduce the calling time and avoid web pages loading failure.

It also changes the mobile gaming experience among multiplayer with faster connections.

4G vs. 3G Speeds

The significant differences between 3G and 4G models are the speed at which the content can be downloaded and uploaded with the internet.

A 3G phone can achieve a maximum speed of 21Mbps, whereas a 4G phone can achieve maximum speeds of hundreds of Mbps.

The regular and fastest 4G connection speed widely available ranges between 60 -100Mbps. The super-fast network service will be available everywhere.

What To Know Before Buying 4G Mobiles

What To Know Before Buying 4G Mobiles

Is My Phone 4G Enable?

The smartphone you buy today will work on a 3G network as well as 4G.

Before buying your new phone, check the specifications to see if it’s 4G enabled in it or not.

Buying A 4G Compatible Smartphone

All new phones are 4G enabled and compatible. These days mid-range, as well as low-end smartphones, are received with 4G compatibility.

With 4G, one can get a faster connection. 4G contracts are more costlier than 3G. But with time and due to competition, 4G smartphone contracts will reduce.

Is 4G Free?

4G tariffs are costlier than a 3G one, but it’s likely to reduce in coming years.

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