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Understanding How Free Apps Are Profitable To Developers

Why Most App Store Have Free Apps?

Free apps are our part of lifestyles these days. We no longer live in days that offer a dollar for an app. Now is the time for free applications in the app store and subscription-based software. Many of the money-making apps are free. But do know how do they make money when they are free to use. Well, there are several good ways to make money by free mobile app developers.

Why Most App Store Have Free Apps?
Why Most App Store Have Free Apps?

Why most Mobile Apps are Free?

We use free mobile apps daily. Whether its for directions or taking notes or calling numbers. Mobile phone work with several apps. Mobile phone applications are nothing but the instructions and codes that help phone perform a particular set of instructions.

The idea of free applications has developed in recent times. If you look at your phone app store, you will notice that most trending and most grossing apps are free. There are various ways in which the app earns.

Ways in which free apps make money

Selling Ad space

Most of the free applications come with ad space for sale. It is the reason that most of the software have a huge number of ads popping. Ads are the reason that your open apps are surviving. They also offer you the choice of making your app ad-free by charging fees.

Free applications make money by selling Ad space within the app. The Ad system works in the app as per the CPM basis. The number of impression and clicks are counted, and apps earn by way of advertising.

Limited features free

Most of the mobile applications only offer you a basic version for free. The basic version of the app has only limited access to the features make the user pay for an advanced and better version. The basic version of the free mobile applications generally contains the features that are readily available with other similar apps. The developers of the app charge you for advanced features which make the app intuitive and attractive to buy. Sometimes the free basic version is a way of showing off the app in the app store so that users use the app and judge the usability accordingly.

Feature shopping In-App

We all have played CandyCrush and Clashes of Clan, and we all have experienced the force of buying out gold coins and bars for extra life. These free apps are easy to use and downloads. But they have a hidden way of urging you to buy some features inside the app. As and when you use the app and get used to, they encourage to buy extra smooth features for a very lower and affordable price.

They bill you for the features that you need to buy for smoothly running of the app. Whether it’s gold bars of a game or extra storage space on cloud storage. In-App purchases do good business for popular apps maker.

Why Most App Store Have Free Apps?
Why Most App Store Have Free Apps?

Apps developers make apps free because they are more downloadable and easy to sell in the app store. Some companies also launch their beta versions for free to understand the market and user expectations. With the advancement in technology, the days of free apps have captured the market, but they aren’t free!

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