Top 3 Latest Smartphone News in 2020 -

Top 3 Latest Smartphone News in 2020

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It has been only a decade, and smartphones have become so successful that it is a technology that no one can live without these days. From personal uses to business necessities, both employers and employees cannot imagine a day without smartphones. Along with calling someone, smartphone usages are not only confined to taking pictures and keeping track of contacts and appointments but, with the numerous applications on your phones, the possibilities are sky-high.

Not only your personal affairs but your professional one can make good utilization of smartphones. That is why you need to be updated with this rapidly transforming technology. Here, we have enlisted the top three latest smartphone news for you to be aware of what is going on with the latest smartphone world.

Regarding Google Pixel Software Update

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If you were suffering from a variety of problems including, Wi-fi and Bluetooth connectivity, random reboots, and fluctuating audio quality in the Google Pixel 2 series, then you are in luck. Since reportedly, Google Pixel 2 XL and Good Pixel 2 have begun to receive the latest and final software updates in December, it has also included the “November 2020 Android security patch”.

Besides the new release of the software updates that will take a little time to be available on every handset worldwide, Google Pixel has also brought December 2020 updates for all the Google Pixel smartphones. It includes Google Pixel 3 series up to the Google Pixel 5. These updates have also brought features like ‘Hold for Me’ where the Google assistant holds the call for you until the other person on the line is ready to talk to you. Alongside the extreme battery saver mode, it also has an updated equalizer that adjusts the audio level depending on the ambiance of the environment.

Security Updates of OnePlus 8 Series

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According to the security update page of the OnePlus website, OnePlus Nord, OnePlus 8 Pro, and OnePlus 8 will stop obtaining security updates by April to July 2023. These three latest smartphones were launched in early 2020, and they are compiled under the promise of getting quarterly security updates. The upgraded version of OnePlus is lined up in October with OnePlus 8T.

Though the schedule of support for the new flagship needs to be announced publicly, it is also noteworthy the security updates are not part of the updates of the operating systems. Significantly, the three phones have not brought up any details about the OS updates along with the security updates of the latest smartphones. However, the manufacturer has maintained the format of bringing the Android updates timely since the dates of their launches.

Guilty Gionee for Injecting Malware

Recently, by a Chinese Court, Gionee has been declared guilty for injecting malware into over twenty million smartphones all over the world. Through an application, a Trojan horse malware was inflicted into the Gionee smartphones. The crime was committed between December 2018 and October 2019, and Gionee has been found guilty of plaguing the customers with ads to make profits.

A subsidiary of Gionee called Shenzhen Zhipu Technology and the Beijing Base Technology have been found to implant malware through the update of the Story Lock Screen application. The malware was unknowingly injected through Trojan horse plug-ins into the phones of the users, and the guilty party has also practiced the pull method 2.88 billion times to continue illegal activities.


In modern days, smartphones have become an inevitable part of our lives. Therefore, it is important to be aware of the latest smartphone news. In the article, we have gathered the top three most significant news related to smartphones for you to stay aware of.

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