The Surprising Side Of A Mobile Phone And Its Uses

The Surprising Side Of A Mobile Phone And Its Uses

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Do you want to know an elaborate side of the use of a mobile phone? In today’s world, the extreme usage of a mobile phone has become ordinary. There are plentiful comparisons between the uses of a mobile phone and a computer.

Moreover, there is every possible facility that mobile phones have along with great facilities by computer.

In the race, mobile phones are having a lead over computers in today’s scenario. In the list of its fantastic features, a mobile phone is lightweight, handy, easy to operate with minimal power supply.

The components of a mobile phone are cheaper. However, it has limited speed as well as capacity.

Furthermore, it is handy to dial contacts, easy to talk from phones, simple to make a video, sending images, emailing, etc. Thus, browse more to know about the best side of a mobile phone and its ultimate uses.

1. Extensive Usage

The Surprising Side Of A Mobile Phone And Its Uses
The Surprising Side Of A Mobile Phone And Its Uses

A mobile phone is widely used by every section of our society from rags to riches, including a poor farmer, to students to doctors, engineers, jobbers, business owners. Every common man & woman uses mobile phones for performing their routine activities.

You can’t even imagine your business doing tremendous heights without the use of a cell phone.

The wide-scale use of mobile phones includes every service sector has it has a significant role to play in employment.

2. Not Just Speaking

Mobile phones not just have a job of speaking, but you can use it in many different ways. Nowadays, people use mobile phones to make videos, record any crucial information, or transfer any key data to the phone.

You can connect a cell phone to a computer and download information or do the vice-versa process.

Also, you have other great facilities such as sending a text, doing conferencing, transferring information of MMS, online chatting, and more on mobile phones.

3. Medicinal Role

The Surprising Side Of A Mobile Phone And Its Uses
The Surprising Side Of A Mobile Phone And Its Uses

Mobile phones are playing a vital role in the medicine world. The uses of mobile phones are one step ahead in the field of medicine.

Nowadays, the mobile phone’s Bluetooth protocol is used for developing real-time and generic telemedicine aid (help) systems via the internet. Such an effective system makes usage of high RF for healing a patient. Also, such a healing method is being tested on so many volunteers with promoting results.

The telemedicine system requirements by mobile phones have approximately 96% uptime. Also, there is a usage of 3.3 kbit per second data along with an error rate of 8.5 × 10-3 packet per second.

Furthermore, in the testing process of 12 hours, the failure rate is 8%. Moreover, medical science claims that the telemedicine system of mobile phones offers higher reliability. In addition to this, it also offers good performance.


If you consider the future, mobile phones’ design promises to be the foundation to heal the bulk of patients on the basis of real-time.

Besides mobile phone benefits, there are some issues as well. The misuse of mobile phones is increasing its diameter on the cost of harming humankind. The usage of mobile phones has done some serious damage to society. But as we all know, every coin has two sides. Similarly, a mobile phone has both its pros and cons. So, it is up to a user how they make the right and best use of mobile phones.

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