Smartphones In School: Should They Be Banned? -

Smartphones In School: Should They Be Banned?

Should Cellphone Be Banned in Schools?

Schools are the institution that imparts education and creates awareness among students. At the place of knowledge, it is necessary to maintain a code of discipline and conduct, which helps the school and fellow students to learn to their best. With changing times and hike in the use of social media among youth these days, have introduced cellphone to schools.

Should Cellphone Be Banned in Schools?
Should Cellphone Be Banned in Schools?

Many parents have bought their children high-end phones. Their contention was to keep in touch with their kid and help them to communicate in times of need. But with social media platforms, cellphone comes to the use of stock photos, using social media, messaging, and playing games. Using phones in school does not only cause a distraction for the owner of the phone, but also to the surrounding students.


For example, if a child wants to study. Bu the classmate sitting in front of him is playing games, it creates a distraction for the students sitting behind and on the sides. However, the focus is not the only factor that creates a barrier between school and students. But also the environment which hampers the quality study.

The instant messaging and check FaceBook during the class has become a habit. It distracts teachers and students. If a student is caught in the class with the phone, they excuse themselves by saying that they were checking their grades or using a dictionary.


On the other side, there are some benefits to bringing the phone to the school. Since it is a great tool to keep records and school studies at bay. Many researchers have also found cellphone use in a school useful. With camera and internet, phones are used by the students to stop bullying. In instances, it has been seen that bully students can be prevented with the fear of recording them on the phone.

Should Cellphone Be Banned in Schools?
Should Cellphone Be Banned in Schools?

How much Should Cellphone usage be allowed?

In light to today’s situation. We agree that schools cannot ban students from bringing cellphone ultimately. If they do so, students will still bring them by hiding the phone in their bags or pockets. The best way to curtail the situation is to put the restriction on the use of mobile phones in the class. The school authorities should make it compulsory that mobiles should not be used in the classes.

The classes are an essential part of a student’s study. And bringing mobile will cause disruption and distraction. The school can promote the discipline and ask their students to keep the cell phone in their lockers and attend class. They can bring the cellphone to school but not in class. Also, the use of a cellphone in the gym classes and swimming class should be restricted.

Cellphone and the internet are great tools for education. But the continuous and wrong use of technology leads to bullying, cheating, and fights among students. School authorities should make policies against using the cellphone in the school premises and the consequences of breaking them. The students should also be made aware of the mobile using policies.

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