Mobile Phone Accessories – Winner Marketing To A Niche Market

Mobile Phone Accessories - Mobile Phone Accessories Is a Winner When Marketing to a Niche Market

Every few years, I hear a rumor that goes something like this; “I am using the world’s largest cell phone carrier because my wife broke one of their portable mobile phones.” The problem with this story is that it is just not true. Why? Well, because the carrier is being sued by the owner of a popular Mobile phone accessory company.

You see, as the owner of a popular company that makes a wide variety of various accessories for various portable cell phones, I wanted to put my company’s name on the side of my products. Now, in this day and age, using my name would make me the “go-to guy” for most of the other manufacturers.

As a small business person, I do not have the resources that large companies such as Apple, Nokia, Samsung, and HTC have. So in my efforts to help them, I built my own handheld GPS cell, phone navigator. This worked out well because we sold the navigation device for under $200 to some small-town high school students.

Mobile Phone Accessories
Mobile Phone Accessories

Trends In Mobile Phone Accessories

Now, after selling this to these kids, a trend with a specific group of individuals who were buying the GPS cell phone accessories. These individuals were also buying all kinds of other accessories for their cell phones.

It turned out that these individuals were purchasing an “iPhone” type of mobile phone accessory. It turns out that their phone was coming with an “extender” which had a built-in GPS receiver. As a result, the perfect opportunity to market to a large group of individuals who were actually using their iPhones to take pictures of themselves with their hands-free.

So we decided to write a “Tips and Tricks” article that taught a new user how to download a Free App to their cell phone and turn it into a GPS. As a result, we discovered that there was a huge group of individuals out there who had their own GPS unit. Once we marketed to these individuals, it turned out that we were helping people to not only use their cell phones as mobile cameras, but we were also educating them about their cell phones as portable mobile devices.

Examples Of Mobile Phone Accessories

This is an example of how many different consumers use their mobile phones as mobile accessories. And by making mobile accessories we helped several consumers to utilize their cell phones as navigation devices.

That is why I never hear about lawsuits against cell phone companies or complaints that consumers are ruining their cell phones. Rather, I hear about the fact that consumers are enjoying the freedom that they have gained by using their mobile devices to take their photographs of themselves.

As a small business owner, I was so thrilled to see that so many consumers are taking advantage of the free apps and the other mobile phone accessories. In fact, I am doing something similar by marketing to one of my current customers who purchase a cell phone that comes with a built-in GPS unit. She is using her mobile phone not only to take pictures of herself, but she is using it to help her locate her grandchildren.

Portable Mobile Phone
Portable Mobile Phone

When you start considering the option of marketing to consumers in the same way that I have done, you will realize that it is time-consuming, it is expensive, and it takes a lot of time and effort. However, if you can find a niche market, you will find the niche market is gold mines waiting to be tapped.


My point is that the research you do and the work you put into marketing will pay off big time when you finally market to the larger market of consumers who are using mobile phone accessories. But because this market is small, you will have to do a lot of market research, have an extensive mailing list, and a lot of patience to find these consumers.

And when I first started out as a small business owner marketing to the mobile phone accessories market, I realized it would take a long time to create an affordable, large enough list of consumers to market to. But in the long run, I learned that marketing to a niche market is almost always a winner.