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LG Smartphone News And Specifications To Know

Lg Smartphone News

One of the biggest smartphone company in the world shares with the world the Lg Smartphone News that has taken in the initiative for making in India. The LG company is one of the biggest-selling smartphone brands across the world. It is mainly known for its smaller sizes, simple design, and affordable prices. The company’s headquarters are based in Seoul, South Korea. It is the second most popular Korean manufacturer in the world. In 1958, the company was a merger between two companies called the Lucky and Gold star that together were known as LG. The LG company has manufactured several other appliances, and it has also been part of a controversy as it couldn’t meet the certain requirement for energy saving stars. Currently, the LG company is the talk of the town in India since the Lg Smartphone News.

LG Smartphone News

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The company has taken the initiative following the make in India, by which they announced the manufacturing of LG phone series now in India. It has already manufactured two phones in India, built in Noida, and has set a target of manufacturing 1 billion phones. Even though it’s a great deal for India and its make in India initiative, Lg Smartphone News is not the first one. Various other brands have planned to ensemble their phones in India.

According to the statistics, India is the fastest-growing market for smartphones. Therefore to cater to the demand, the smartphone companies have decided to set their manufacturing factories there. This would also provide employment opportunities for the people in India. The LG company has decided to launch its K series in India, and here are some of the models that are about to launch in India.

Specifications To Note

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LG K61 – This smartphone runs on a P35 chi pet and is powered by a 2.3 GHz octa-core. It also has an A53 Cortez processor. The four cameras have a 48+8+2+5 mp clarity, and it comes with a 4gb internal ram and 64 GB storage.

LG K41s – This phone has a 2 GHz octa-core, a three GB internal ram. It has a 4000 MAh battery life along with a fingerprint sensor.

LG K51s – With a big 6.5 inches display and a 3gb internal ram, it has a 32+5+2+2 mp camera clarity and a 64 GB storage. It is the perfect example of a smartphone on a budget.


The LG company has known to make affordable smartphones that have catered to India’s population for years, and now according to the current news, it may help establish employment opportunities for workers. Therefore, the Lg Smartphone News would surely be beneficial for India’s people and set a strong example of the make in India initiative. Now that you know all the details about the company news and the specifications, make sure you try the smartphone. While the attention is mostly given to the top brands in smartphones like Apple and Samsung, we can also not deny that some features are being repeated in these brands. So, let’s try to make a change.

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