iPhone Apps: 15 Must-Have Apps

iPhone Apps: 15 Must-Have Apps

By this time of the next year, iPhones will come with nearly 1 million apps. The iPhone app store at present stands somewhere around 750k and it is going quite strong. Get ready to select the best apps for your I call with all the options, thereby comparing them.

Some Popular iPhone Apps

iPhone Apps: 15 Must-Have Apps
iPhone Apps: 15 Must-Have Apps

First of all, let us define “must-have.” There are plenty of must-have apps you have probably downloaded already. Let’s avoid apparent apps like facebook, twitter, g mail, Whatsapp, etc. These apps are essential for most of the people, and it depends on them whether they want to install these or not.

Some Of The Must-Have iPhone Apps

  • Google map: you must want an iPhone app that fully delivers and adds Google maps to your list. Inbuilt Maps causes navigation issues, and that is ridiculous. It is recommended to install Google maps.
  • Bill guard: Bill Guard is a convenient tool for phone users. BillGuard helps you to manage your spending habits.
  • Buffer: Buffer works a lot like Hootsuite. You can schedule your social media posts based on the time of their effectiveness.
  • Dash lane: Dash lane is a must-have app for online shoppers. Dash lane is free, but the premium option is worth getting if you spend a lot online.

Few More Special iPhone Apps

iPhone Apps: 15 Must-Have Apps
iPhone Apps: 15 Must-Have Apps
  • Zillow: Zillow works to give you the essential information you require to stay connected with property owners or the leasing office, and simple design gives a feeling of breeze.
  • Fooducate: food cate helps you to scan the barcode of an item and view its ratings. The database for the app includes food items depending on everything from calories to controversial ingredients to give you a clear picture of the product you are buying.
  • Sleep cycle: sleep cycle is known as an ultimate alarm clock, analyzing how well you rested and when you hit the R.E.M sleep. It will finally ring the alarm when you are ready to wake up.
  • Dropbox: Dropbox is the best cloud service ever. It allows you to save and view your files across multiple devices like the desktop, laptop, phone, or tab as long as they can access the internet.

Some More Apps

  • Vine: the vine is a highly recommended social media iPhone app. Moreover, the vine provides instant appreciable entertainment. Further, the fun aspect of the vine is following hilarious users, and its handy feature allows you to find the best videos pretty fast.
  • Duolingo: the vision of duolingo is to create a premium level language app using free lessons to make you a pro.
  • My fitness pal: it allows you to keep track of your meals, calories intake, and burned calories.
  • Onavo extends: Monaco is built to conserve the data you use and help you to track the reasons for draining your plans.
  • Shazam: it gives you all possible information and stock of the different type of music.
  • Spotify: the best music app in the market is Spotify.
  • Camera+: it gives you world-class photos and editing options. Happy purchasing!
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