How To Solve Storage Problems On Your Smartphone -

How To Solve Storage Problems On Your Smartphone

Storage Problems? Why All Apps Are Greedy About It?

There was a time when phones used to come with tiny space of 6GB and yet it used to be sufficient. But now, phones come with 64GB storage minimum, but we still face the alert message showing ‘Insufficient Storage.’ the free space is a myth when you have all apps downloaded in your phone and videos and photos.

Managing the storage issues in an Android phone can be tricky as some people do not understand the difference between internal and external storage. Many phones come with 64GB internal storage and high external storage of 256GB. With filled storage, your phone becomes slow and unresponsive.

Here are some easy ways to manage storage problems in your phone and store all apps on your phone.

Move Photos and Videos from Internal Storage

This is the most common way of clearing your internal storage in an Android phone. The image and video files on your phone take huge space. It is better that you move your photos and images from your internal storage. If your phone supports MicroSD card, you can move the pics to the micro SD card.

Storage Problems? Why All Apps Are Greedy About It?
Storage Problems? Why All Apps Are Greedy About It?

If your phone does not have card support, you can always save your pics from your phone to some external storage or cloud space. The pics and videos on your phone have the highest number of file size, and the best way to manage all apps on your phone is to give them some space. Also, change the settings in your phone camera to save the pics to external storage path.

Manage Whatsapp Media File

The Whatsapp Media file is saved in the internal storage of the phone. The media file contains the chats, images, WhatsApp videos, and other media files that take huge space in your phone internal storage. The easy way to delete the WhatsApp media file to keep clearing the data in some days. You can select the files you want to keep and rest should be removed. We all know that WhatsApp also keeps duplicate files and sent a file in the images folder. You can remove the Sent file in the image file oft he Whatsapp Media file. If you cannot see the sent file, click on the Files button and select un-hide options from the folder. Whatsapp keeps the sent file in hidden mode.

Build a Habit of Using Cloud Space

The best way to keep space in your phone is to use the cloud space. There are many companies like Google and iCloud that offers huge cloud space for free. They are easily accessible and can be used anytime. You can use the drives to save your personal and business data for free. It creates backup for your lost file and free file viewer for any time access.

Storage Problems? Why All Apps Are Greedy About It?
Storage Problems? Why All Apps Are Greedy About It?

Use Phone Cleaner for managing all apps

The phone cleaners are a free tool that cleans your phone. They also offer you to clean unused and unwanted files which are taking space in your internal storage. By using the tool timely, you can manage your phone storage with ease.

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