How To Manage Apps On Your Smartphone

Whether you have bought your first smartphone or just your first experience with Android, there’s a lot to explore and learn here, and it all starts with finding some useful apps to have in your new phone. Google Play is the app store of Google, and it is one of the most used and great apps with useful security feature as it scans apps before the installation as well as after they’re downloaded. It also monitors app usage, function, and other unusual activity. It can be a great experience when you start using Google Play. We’re here to guide you !

How To Search For Apps On Google Play

The specific app can search easily if you already know the name of the app, you have to download, and if you can also browse app through categories.

Tap the Google Play icon and on the top white search bar.

Type the name of the app and tap the search icon button. The app which need to be download will come on the display screen.    

How To Download And Manage All Apps
How To Download And Manage All Apps

How To Browse Different Apps

  • If you are unable to find app, which is to be downloaded. You can also browse all apps through Google Top Charts.
  • Tap the Google Play icon and browse through  Top Charts.
  • You will now browse the charts for various apps from news to entertainment.
  • The other alternative to find the app is by browsing through Google Play by category:
  • Tap the Google Play icon and browse through various Categories.
  • Tap to browse the app you want to download.

How To Download For Free

  • Google play offers both free and paid apps. It depends on the app provider.
  • Tap the search icon button and find your app which needs to be install.
  • Read app’s description and Install if it found ok.
  • Read and install
  • After clicking the install button, the app will automatically download and install. It takes hardly a few seconds or minutes depends on the size of the app.

How To Buy Paid One

  • Google play also offers paid apps which unlock features that are not available in the free version. The process is slightly change.
  • Tap on an app you want to purchase and hit price button to get the payment option.
  • Choose the payment method  and follow the instructions
  • Payment can be made by using various available options like a credit card, PayPal account, or carrier billing.
  • Confirm the payment procedure and continue, after successful completion of payment, the app installed itself.

How To Update Apps

  • There are various changes update by the app provider. To get the above features, one has to need updates his app from time to time.
  • The app can be update manually, or auto-update option is also available there — tap Update apps.
  • How to toggle auto-update ?
  • Instead of manually updating apps, one can easily update the app by switching on auto update option via Wi-Fi or Mobile data. Settings from manual to auto-update can be easily changed.

How To Uninstall It From Your Device

  • Tap the app, which  you wish to uninstall.         
  • Tap the Uninstall button and click ok, the app will remove itself from the device.
How To Download And Manage All Apps
How To Download And Manage All Apps
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