How To Get Cool Apps On Your Samsung Galaxy

How Do I Get Samsung Apps?

Samsung Apps are Android-based apps which are very readily available in the Google Play Store and also with the Samsung app store. To make use of the mobile phone entirely and try out new apps, you need to download them. Download the app requires data connection and storage space in your phone.

How Do I Get Samsung Apps?
How Do I Get Samsung Apps?

However, there are two ways to download and update Samsung applications on your Samsung mobile.

Samsung Apps from Google Play Store

Google Play store is a large app store in the world. It contains all the apps of Android version in one store. You can find a considerable array of Samsung Apps in PlayStore and install them on your phone.

After choosing the app, you want to install, click on the button ‘Install’ and you are done. But if you are using PlayStore in your computer, you can send the app to the phone by using the PlayStore extension.

Another way to search and install the Samsung Apps to your Samsung phones is to use Galaxy store. It is the name of the Samsung app store. You will find a wide variety of apps there which is exclusive for Samsung phones.

How to search for apps in the Samsung App Store

If you are the owner of Samsung Phone, then this app is [pre installed in your phone. If not, you can download it from internet and Samsung website.

Once downloaded, click on the store icon.

There you will see the number of criteria to search for Samsung apps, like category, top apps, grossing apps, and many more.

You can select and read the app details on the app page in the store. The details mention the features, size of the file, and a number of Samsung users using the app.

You can also check the tab best picks for checking out new and updated apps in the store.

How to download Samsung Apps from Samsung Store

How Do I Get Samsung Apps?
How Do I Get Samsung Apps?

If you have found the app of your interest, you have to click on the download sign on the right of the app icon.

You will get prompt to log in before downloading. You should enter the credentials. If in case you are not registering with the Samsung App Store, you can register first and then download.

After logging in. Just click on the ‘Accept and Download’ button.

To open the app, click on Open after installing is finished.

How to update an application from the store

Many times the mobile apps need to be updated. This is done to keep the app running and adapt to the new technologies and added new features by the app developer. Old un-updated apps are not useful and become redundant.

Open the App Store in your mobile.

Click on the tab that says My Apps.

You will find the list of the apps that you have downloaded from the App Store.

On the right of the app icon, there will Update available button.

If you want to update all the apps in the list, just click on the tab Update All on the top. Or you can only update the specific app.

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