How To Delete Unwanted Apps On Your Smartphone

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Old apps become a major concern many users after a few months or years of using their Smartphone. While some realize that the issues they are facing are actually due to the old applications that are almost never used, there are others who consider getting a new mobile without realizing where the main issue lies. However, more often than not, a mobile can regain performance if old apps are removed.

Why Do Old Apps Cause Problems?

Old apps are like the old products left at home. They are almost never ever going to be used and yet take up space and litters the space. Just like you will lose your productivity if your home isn’t sparkling clean, the old applications cause the smartphones to perform low. The following are the main reasons why old apps should never remain on your mobile –

  • Old applications take up space that can be better utilized by the system. Every app requires space and when you are allowing the outdated apps to take up space, you are depriving your mobile system of the space that can help it to run faster.
  • Outdated apps can become incompatible over time without enough proper updates. This causes the system to stress and crash and can cause major issues.
  • The old apps might become really heavy over time if it keeps receiving updates and storing data. This is only justified if the applications are in use constantly. But, for the unused applications, this space is simply wastage.

Deleting Old Applications From Mobile

The outdated, old and unused applications need to be removed from the mobile. With modern day smartphones, the operation is almost too simple. Depending upon, whether you are an Android user or an iPhone use the process varies very slightly.

How To Delete Old Apps from Android Smartphone?

How To Delete Old Apps In Your Mobile
How To Delete Old Apps In Your Mobile

We will go over the simplest option that is common to almost all Android mobile, and we will take the stock Android for consideration. Follow these steps –

  • Long touch and press over the app icon that you wish to delete. You can do this both for the icon being shown on the home screen, or the one in the applications screen.
  • Without removing your finger, wait for the option to “Delete “ or “Uninstall”, and “App Info” or “Remove” to appear.
  • Once the options come up, drag the app tile to the “Delete” or “Uninstall” option.

In some Android mobiles, there can be a symbol of a recycle bin that comes up instead of the delete or uninstall option. The function remains the same.

How To Delete Old Apps From iPhone?

How To Delete Old Apps In Your Mobile
How To Delete Old Apps In Your Mobile

Ios makes deleting apps extremely simple. The following are the steps. Since every iPhone user received the iOS 12 update, hence we will be speaking about deleting apps on iOS 12.

  • First, touch and hold the tile of the app that you wish to delete.
  • All the app logos start shaking with a small cross mark at the top corner of each one.
  • Touch the cross symbol of the app that you wish to delete.
  • The “delete” option comes up, which you need to select.

Removing unused apps keeps the smartphone healthy and running at optimal condition.

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