How Sony Failed In The Smartphone Game -

How Sony Failed In The Smartphone Game

Why Sony Mobile Phone Lost Their Business?

Everyone in the cellphone market knows a giant brand name ‘Sony Ericcson.’ the brand owned 9% of the mobile segment in the world and wanted to be the Apple of Android users. In the 2000s, sony mobile phone was the best mobile phone in the market with a good camera and excellent playback quality. But with the recent developments, the new launches and models from Sony are not noticed and not wooed by the customers.

The cellphone market is enormous. With so many developers and offers, the mobile phone market has developed to great heights. Earlier there were only a few players in the market, including Sony. In 2010, sony mobile phone developed their phones with Android technology as compared to the 2000s Sony mobiles gained huge capital market with amazing playback sound quality and excellent camera references.

Why Sony Mobile Phone Lost Their Business?
Why Sony Mobile Phone Lost Their Business?

However, the decline of the brand started with the event of taking over Ericcson unit in a joint venture. In 2009, the company took over the unit and named themselves Sony Mobile. The sony mobile phone was rave till 2013.

What Happened after 2013 with Sony mobile phone?

By 2014, Sony Mobile wanted to be the number one mobile selling company in the world. With market recognition and a great resource, still, the brand faced notable downfall in the year.

The main reason that leads the company to downfall is the lack of proper and far future global market strategy. Like Apply, Sony Mobile wanted to be the premium phone range in the Android Market. But with huge competition and availability of similar phones at beatable price lead to sony mobile phone decline.

Another primary reason for Sony to fall was the inconsistency with the mobile carrier. The cell phone brand did not have a tuning with the primary mobile carrier, which leads to considerable losses to the company. The company also refused to make changes in the phone that was demanded by the carriers. Phone users started facing network issues and lead to negative reviews. More customers began turning down the phone and buy new handsets.

The Design Mismanagement

The customers loved Sony Erricson with wild taste and students who like their phone to be trendy and colorful. Sony Erricson used to make the phone enjoyable with great colors and shapes. But when Sony Mobile started the business, they withdrew all the sony erricson phones and handsets from the market. And started making their phones more ordinary and dull as compared to Sony Ericcson.

Why Sony Mobile Phone Lost Their Business?
Why Sony Mobile Phone Lost Their Business?

The customer base of the company was generally users with a distinct taste. Even adults used phones for gyms and sports. But their design strategy was not global. Their standard designs and primary colors made the sony mobile phone boring and un-sellable.

Finally, to make things worse. The company started making the phone with old technology. In 2018 the company launched phones with OLED screens when other competing companies were launching phones with more sophisticated techniques. Due to a lack of innovation and global market strategy, Sony company had to withdraw from important phone markets of the world in 2018.

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