Do The Math: Our Best Calculator App Choices

Know The Best Calculator Apps

Your math teacher might have warned you about to take the calculator with your wherever you go around. Well, the smart phones have thousands of calculator app in it which you can excess it anytime. Since, if offers a lot of options to the people you must choose a calculator that fulfills all your needs. As, we are talking about the best calculator apps in our articles let’s make you through the best apps which you can take the use of.

Know The Best Calculator App
Know The Best Calculator App

Google Calculator App

Know The Best Calculator App
Know The Best Calculator App

The Google calculator app is one of the simplest and the safest bet which you can take the turn off. It is one of the best and well designed app which can handle your basic math tasks with ease. It also calculates the real time calculations so you must be relieved when you need to reach down for the equals buttons.

In this calculator app you can get of your trickiest calculations too by just swiping up from the right side of the app. The best feature of this app is that you can tap on the screen of this app and it will revel you up with three dot menu which will also your to change the decimals to the fractions. However, in this app you won’t find any sort of graphing or history function.


On the off chance that the Google Calculator is excessively fundamental for you, attempt Calculator ++. This application has both a Simple and an Engineer mode. It bolsters a wide assortment of capacities, a background marked by all that you’ve determined, and it can even make diagrams.

One perfect little component is swipeable catches. Swipe up on a catch to actuate the choice on the top part, and swipe down to initiate the choice on the lower part. It’s likewise adaptable, with a few distinctive subject alternatives accessible. Alongside a gadget for your home screen, it incorporates a drifting window mode.

This application contains promotions, however they just presentation on side pages like History, not the principle count page,. You can evacuate them for $4. Generally speaking, it strikes a decent harmony among straightforward and practical.


The clevlcalc calculator app comes under the bunch of calculators which has the basic functions such as the unit convertor and the currency converter. It can also offer ovulation calculator and the fuel cost calculator.

You can look over a few changed topics all motivated by Material Design. In spite of the fact that the application has advertisements, you can expel them by means of an in-application buy.

Calcu Calculator App

This application at long last brings a to some degree unique name (regardless of whether it is only an abbreviated form of “mini-computer”). CALCU has both essential and logical formats, a lot of smooth subjects, and even a possibility for modifying the text style.

It has quick small swiping livelinesss, such as swiping down to uncover the history or swiping up to uncover progressively logical catches. There’s a pennant advertisement along the top that you can expel by means of a $2 in-application buy.

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