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Best Smartphone Charger Of 2020

smartphone charger

Gone are the days when you needed to charge your smartphones overnight to have the battery full by morning. With today’s speed charging chargers, you can expect a full charge in as little as 2 hours. There are many other kinds of chargers launched too. Some provide speed charging while some charge over wireless. Let us know more about the best smartphone charger in 2020.

best smartphone charger
Best smartphone charger

Best Smartphone Charger In 2020

The Best Charging Cables

Anker’s lighting fast, USB-C and micro- USB cables are the best in 2020. These are excellent and affordable too. These powerline cables come in various lengths and colors. They also come with different ends such as lighting, USB-C. micro USB, etc. All the cords are very sturdy and reinforced with more toughness and affordability. The cables come with an 18-months warranty. These are certified by Apple and are very safe to use. Each cable comes with a Velcro-strap that helps you tie the extra cord when it is not required. These cables come in 1-foot, 3-foot and 6-foot lengths. You can also charge your phones faster with Apple’s USB-C to lighting cable. This is a little costly but worth it. The only problem with these cables is that the apple cable is too pricey.

The Best Wall Charger

The best wall charger is the Aukey Dual Port USB-C and USB 56.5 watts wall charger. This charger can easily charge an iPhone 8 plus as well as a 12-inch Macbook. It can also be used to power two devices at one time. It is a compact charger with a USB-C port and also a standard USB output that works with Apple’s lightening cables and other cords as well.

When not in use, you can easily fold the prongs of this charger for easy storage. The internal hardware of the device protects it against heating, charging or voltage fluctuations.

latest smartphone charger
Latest smartphone charger

Best Wireless Charger

The Belkin Boost Up Wireless charging pad empowers your device quickly. It is best suited for Qi-enabled devices. It delivers 10 watts of power when you just lay it over your phone over the slender white disc. This is the best wireless charger at present, but there are many more to come in future. It is an aesthetically pleasing charger that is very simple to use. It is a broad device with a handsome design and a broad device compatibility.

Best Desk Charger

The Twelve South HighRise 2 Charging Stand easily props your phone upright and also gives you easy screen viewing. This charger can support any iPhone. The company also sells a dock version with a speed charging cable included. It can be used as a desk charger as well as a phone stand. It charges your phone quickly and can also keep a heavy iPad upright. This charger comes with a minimalistic design and creates an ideal screen viewing angle. It also works with myriad iPhones that is one of its best feature.

Best Car Charger

The Scosche ReVolt Dual USB Car Charger is a low-cost but high-performance charger that directs maximum power from your car’s DC outlet to your device. If you are searching for a car charger that is also a phone mount, then this one is a fine bet. This charger easily connects to the USB-enabled power cord, whether it is a lightning cable, Micro USB or anything else. This charger features two USB ports that provide at the same time 12 volts, 2.4 amp charging to various phones, tablets, cameras and other devices.

These are the best chargers in 202o for your smart phones.

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