Apple Smartphone News You Need To Follow -

Apple Smartphone News You Need To Follow

Apple Smartphone News

Apple is one of the pioneers of technology, and every single year, it gives impressive updates. It introduced the world to the iPhone, and the latest models have started launching in the later part of October. The headquarters are in Cupertino, California and the tech giant gave news about the launch of the iPhone 12 on October 23. It also brought forward the revolution in the 5G technology, and the wireless technology will have a lot of upgradation in speed and connectivity.

Brief Overview-Apple Smartphone News

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Hans Vestberg, the CEO of Apple, says that the new gadgets will bring a new horizon and enhance the coverage – therefore doubling the upload as well as the download speeds. The coverage will cover more than 60 cities, and that will happen by late December. The speed boost will make gadget usage awesome, and it will be prevalent in even the most densely populated places.

What’s New?

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The new design has brought forward smoothness and clarity, which is why it is quite popular on social media. The new iPhone 12 seems to be a bigger version of the iPhone 5, and the speed is more significant and better. It is available in five different colors- black, white, red, blue, green, and red. The new phone is going to be of 6.1-inch display and yet 11% thinner. Therefore it is going to be lightweight than the previous versions and also more comfortable to use. However, if you use the pro max version, then the display will be around 6.7inches, and it comes in unique colors like silver, graphite, gold, and pacific blue.

Exclusive Features-

The new models will have the best of LiDAR scanner, and you can have the feature of light detection and range. Now you can scan the object and place it precisely for the betterment of augmented reality. The camera will also have accurate capture time- so that it can autofocus even in low light.

There is an incorporation of the smart speaker to have computational audio, and the model will bolster the sound for the better. You can have the best of haptic responses on the phone, and accessing Siri as well as the other apps will be easier for sure.

The New iOS Update

Recently, Apple has also launched its new update on the smartwatch and iPad, and you can get an upgradation in your current model. If you are not getting the new phone, at least try out the more recent version of the update to get a smoother user experience. There was a teaser of these features in the Worldwide developer conference in June, and now the apps are quite organized. Now you can unlock your car with your iPhone- just make sure that it is a BMW.


Apple has a lot to offer when it is about advancement in technology. Get the latest models like the iPhone 12 as well as the smartwatch, and you will be good to go. Talk to an expert if you want to delve deep into the features.

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