Android or iOS: Which Smartphone Is Better -

Android or iOS: Which Smartphone Is Better

Know The Reasons To Buy Apple Mobile Over Android

Have you ever thought to switch over ios over an android phone? If yes, this is really a good time to route over with an apple mobile. Well, just like its name itself the whole systems of apple phones are well compatible with its software and hardware. The I-phone’s works quite well with the apple gadgets too including the apple TV, Macs and apple watch. In case, you are thinking to buy an apple device you must go further. Here we are listing the top reasons which will make it easier for you to buy it.

Know The Reasons To Buy Apple Mobile Over Android
Know The Reasons To Buy Apple Mobile Over Android

The Reasons Why Apple Mobile Beats Android

Know The Reasons To Buy Apple Mobile Over Android
Know The Reasons To Buy Apple Mobile Over Android

Apple Mobile Are Faster

Are you thinking to buy a new apple mobile? Well, without a single though you must go for it. As, it has a A12 bionic chip inside, It that beats the android camp anyway. For example the Galaxy S10 plus has a snap garden 855 cup and I phone XS has A1 bionic shop which is seen to give better overall performance to it. The gap has also seen to be wide when it comes to giving out high performance. Without any doubt, I phone has one of the best supported performances than android.

Easiest Phone To Use

Despite all the promise made by the android phone market, the iphone mobiles have marked their state to be one of the easiest phones to be used so far. Some of the android phones have tried to copy the feel of Ios in their phones; still they lack to give out an easy performance. Though, compare to apple mobile, the apples phones are far easy to use. As, you just have to pick up, turn it on and simple touch to an app to open it.

OS Updates When You Want Them

If you are an android fan boy, this news is going to hurt you a bit. As, in Feb. 2019 it is seen that around 83 percent of ios devices has been introduced in last 4 years. And according to the rates, the apple has given enough updates to the ios users so that they can be updated all the time. However, if android mobiles are compared with the apple mobile the rate number of latest updates seems to be quite low and are just 19 percent penetrated.

Apple Pay

The Samsung and apple is known to be as rivals right now. However, apple has marked their name to be one of the most popular mobile in the making. It is dead simple to use which has given it more popularity in the market. The apple pay feature is another supported payment terminal which has given it a way ahead in than to the android phone. As, with apple pay you can checkout at any counter with just your Touch ID sensor and with just one finger support

So, there are some of the amazing features you will be getting in an apple mobile. Make sure that you make the right decisions on to buy I phone or an android is up to you.

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