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5 Different Types of Smartphone Case

Smartphone Case

Our choice of gadgets depends hugely on our lifestyle. People can use smartphones in different ways than others, and this reflects in our preference of apps, specifications, hardware, and down to the case.

Smartphone cases are generally used to protect our phones from damage upon impact, scratches, and natural elements. From aesthetics to functionality, your case can instantly enhance the way you cover your phone.

If you are planning on buying a new case for your phone, here are some smartphone cases that you might want to discover buying. Each case has its own functionality and purpose as to why it is designed that way, so be sure that the case you choose will suit your casing needs.

Slim Cases

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Thin cases go more for aesthetic than functionality. These are the most common type of cases in the market for how easily customized or personalized they can be. Thin also means comfortable and effortless.

They are priced lower than other types of cases since they require less material. Although, despite the thickness, there are modern slim cases available now that offer more protection than before.

The best slim cases to get are silicone soft cases. They are very light when placed on your smartphone, but it can protect your phone when it falls. Silicone cases are soft too.

Wallet Cases

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For the minimalist and the practical, a one-size-fits-all approach, even to smartphone cases, is the best option. By incorporating a wallet on your smartphone case, there is no need to bring an extra purse or cardholder.

Some wallet cases can hold three cards at once, with a separate slot for your bills. If this sounds enticing, search for RFID protected cases on the web too. Wallet cases are efficient to have because you don’t need to bring a wallet around.

The best wallet cases to get are leather-made ones because it works and looks like a wallet whenever you are out.

Flip Cases

A flip case can protect your phone by enclosing all sides like a document inside a folder. Magnets are lined inside its material to lock the case automatically. Most flip cases are made of leather. It can be customized to hold some papers, bills, or even a holder for your stylus.

Flip cases are also cool to have especially when you want to keep a little bit of privacy. You can cover the front screen when you are not using it, and it cannot be opened by anyone obvious.

Tough or Heavy-Duty Cases

If you feel that your slim case doesn’t give you enough protection that you need, this is the type of smartphone case for you. Heavy-duty cases are built to withstand the impact your phone can experience upon falling several meters from the ground. These can get pretty bulky, but extra bumpers on your phone won’t hurt, especially if you’re the clumsy type.

Battery Case

A power bank is the number one go-to for people on the move. With your busy lifestyle, the last thing you need in between client calls is a drained battery. Battery cases provide you with the juice you need to accomplish all the tasks while on your feet.

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