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4G Phone: What It Means And Where You Can Use It

What is a 4G phone?

4G Phone is the fourth generation of mobile phones that are more capable and faster than 3G phones. The wireless network carriers in the 4G mobile phones are much quicker and help your device to connect with the network with more bandwidth and capability. Today, most of the phones are 4G phones with the 4G connection. The reason behind if the speed and quality of data connection they provide.

What is a 4G phone?
What is a 4G phone?

With the increased use of internet and wireless network, the need for smarter and stronger bandwidth arises. Developed countries like the UK, established their first 4G connection in 2012. With the increased use of video calling and text messages, mobile network carriers upgraded their system to 4G connection. Using 4G mobiles is similar to improving to broadband internet after dialing up connection.

The 4G connection brings best out of your mobile device. Whether you want video calling, data streaming on the move, or playing games online. The 4G connection has made all this possible. But that does not mean that 3G connection was slow.

Difference between 3G and 4G Phone is the Speed.

The main difference between 3G and 4G Handsets is to the difference of speed in which you can download a file fro the internet. In theory, the maximum downloading speed in 3G phones is 20MBPS while the maximum downloading speed in the 4G phone is 300MBPS. However, this is an opinion. But in recent times, the max speed of a 4G handset is around 60 MBPS and only when the network center is close by and upgraded often.

How to know that your phone is 4G?

Not all the phones in the market are the 4G phone. You must check the phone features for confirming whether your phone is 4G ready or not. However, most of the high-end phones available in the market are making 4G phones for better sales. With a 4G phone, you get better features of navigation, video streaming, and also playing games. Future is not far when every mobile in the market will coming with 4G connection compatibility.

What is a 4G phone?
What is a 4G phone?

Need for 4G phone

The basic idea for developing a 4G cellphone is the need for internet. We use the internet heavily and every minute of our life. With the higher demand for the web, speed, and capabilities matter a lot. The times are moving so fast now, that voice call is replaced with video calls, emails are replaced with instant messaging, and televisions are replaced with smart TVs.

When everybody is using the internet these days, there is a need for fourth-generation mobile networks and 4G phones. These advancements have made the use of the web easy and smooth. With high speed and bandwidth, you can download more files and apps from the internet and enjoy using uninterrupted services of the phone and network carriers.

The efficiency of using the phone and internet have improved a lot with the invention of the 4G phone. The quality has improved, and speed has increased. Now you can download the 2GB file in minutes as compared to hours of downloading.

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